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LUMEN Cannabis

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101 Cannabis

West Cost Sunrise

   West Coast Sunrise has been a Bay Area leader in cannabis cultivation since 2010. The company was founded by two friends with a passion for the plant and the desire to provide clean medicine for their friends and family.

Zoma Cannabis

Offering single eighth jars and 6-pack pre-rolls, every Zoma product is EnvirOganic certified and contains premium, lab-tested cannabis. The EnvirOganic certification is the industry equivalent of the FDA’s “Certified” Organic” label, meaning Zoma cannabis has been lab tested for impurities and grown using exemplary practices, organic inputs and in a manner exceeding current national organic standards.

High St.

Barrett Farms

Inspired by the beauty of Humboldt County and the unconditional love of our loyal companion, Barrett, we set out to make every taste of Barrett Farms a toke worth remembering

Big B's Martyjuana Farm

Martyjuana is farmed in Mendocino County, the heart of the Emerald Triangle’s premier heritage growing region of Northern California. Our outdoor, all-natural system is uniquely sustainable from start to finish, working with nature’s seasonal rhythmic flows.


To supply consumer demand for verified, quality cannabis products at competitive prices. 

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